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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Add a Story on Twitch

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Add a Story on Twitch

In the ever-evolving world of live streaming and content creation, Twitch remains at the forefront, constantly introducing new features to engage and entertain its audience. One such feature is Twitch Stories, a tool that allows streamers to share short, engaging video clips with their viewers. If you're looking to add a story on Twitch and elevate your streaming game, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating and posting stories on Twitch.

What are Twitch Stories?

Twitch Stories is a feature that enables streamers to post short video clips, images, or text updates that appear at the top of the channel page. This feature offers an additional way to interact with your viewers and provide them with behind-the-scenes content, announcements, or just fun and engaging snippets of your day.

Getting Started with Twitch Stories

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to add a story on Twitch:

Step 1: Ensure You're Eligible

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Twitch Stories were rolled out to a limited number of streamers. Not all users have access to this feature. Twitch often tests new features on a subset of users before releasing them to the broader community. To check if you have access to Twitch Stories, log in to your Twitch account and navigate to your channel page. If you see a "Stories" tab at the top of your page, you're good to go.

Step 2: Creating Your Story

Once you've confirmed your eligibility, it's time to create your first Twitch Story. Here's how:

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your Twitch account and access your Dashboard.

  2. Select the Stories Tab: Click on the "Stories" tab at the top of your channel page. This is where you will create and manage your stories.

  3. Create a Story: Click on the "Create a Story" button. You can now choose the type of content you want to add - a video, image, or text.

  4. Add Your Content: Depending on your choice, you can either upload a video or image from your device, or type out a text message. You can also add links to other Twitch content.

  5. Customize Your Story: You can add stickers, captions, or drawings to your video or image to make it more engaging.

Step 3: Posting Your Story

Now that you've created your story, it's time to post it:

  1. Preview Your Story: Review your story and ensure it looks as you want it to.

  2. Publish Your Story: Once you're satisfied with your content, click the "Publish" button.

  3. View Your Story: Your story will now be visible at the top of your channel page for your viewers to see.

Step 4: Managing Your Stories

You can manage your Twitch Stories through the Stories tab on your Dashboard. Here, you can add more stories, delete existing ones, or make changes to your content.

Step 5: Engage with Your Viewers

Engagement is key on Twitch, so make sure to respond to comments and feedback from your viewers on your stories. This interaction can help build a stronger community and increase your follower base.


Twitch Stories are a fantastic way to connect with your viewers on a more personal level and keep them engaged with your content. If you have access to this feature, take advantage of it by sharing exciting behind-the-scenes moments, updates, and entertaining snippets. Keep an eye on Twitch's official blog or announcements for any changes or updates to the Stories feature as the platform continues to evolve and improve the streaming experience. Happy storytelling!

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